Pr. Kurian Mathew (Sajan) came to Mangalore in the year 2010 with regard to his ministry. Upon his arrival at this esteemed educational destination, his interaction & careful observation of thousands of youth led him to realize the urgency of a working youth ministry. Moved by the burden in his heart to reach the youth of different cultures & religious beliefs, the Holy Spirit ignited in him a mission that reached the lost by the thousands! He began his church planting ministry in 2011 March with an average attendance of five. His ministry soon started to flourish. He was able to start 3 fellowships:

  • 1st – At the heart of Mangalore City
  • 2nd – Deralakatte (15kms away from Mangalore city)
  • 3rd – Moodbidri (40kms away from Mangalore city)

A few years later, Sis. Sudha Kariappa (now she is a board member) attended one of their fellowships for a few months. Enthralled by the eagerness of the church to serve, she introduced it to her brother Pr. Manoj Subramani. Driven by the Holy Spirit, he instigated Pr. Kurian to license the church as a ministry. So in 2015, “Nazareth Church” was officially registered as “Nazareth Ministry”, guided & mentored by 7 board of directors. By the end of 2016, under the guidance of God, the ministry was used to reach thousands of people in different districts of Kerala & Karnataka; and has now entered 2017 with even greater expectations.


"Reaching the unreached millions"

Why Nazareth Ministries???

Hinduism is the most professed religion of India. Hindus are the most abundant in 27 states of India except Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Lakshadweep, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Jammu & Kashmir and Punjab. India is a land where important religions originated namely Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism & Jainism. The country is also home for several indigenous tribal religions. Few other foreign religions like Christianity, Islam, etc also flourished in this land. As per the 2011 census 79.80% of Indians are Hindus. This is where the relevance of our vision, “reaching the unreached millions” come into play. Nazareth ministry is registered as a Christian religious organization to proclaim the Gospel to the unreached millions by using any and all possible means.

Our Future Plans

  • Training Centers
  • We dream to open training centers with a passion to help committed individuals to boost their calling toward church planting. We also aspire to train and develop new church planters, identify their strengths and weakness, and develop in them the leadership skills required in order to succeed in their given church context.
  • Media Ministry.
  • One of the easiest way to reach people. In India there are so many secular and other TV channels.we plan, pray and believe that the good God will give us opportunities to reach Indian people through different TV channels.
  • Orphanages and children hostels
  • In India we have thousands of children who are with out home and orphaned. Several of such children are caught by the criminals and are exploited in different ways. Some are sold into slavery, girls as sex workers..etc. we are praying for an opening by which we can help many who are really in need.

Board of Directors

It is good to work as a team as it yields better results. Even Jesus at the beginning of His ministry, first chose to appoint 12 disciples and delegated responsibilities. A successful Christian ministry is not a place of individual performance, but the combined effort of a team producing drastic results. Nazareth ministry is blessed with the privilege of having an excellent team of directors who are well experienced, equipped, and exceptionally effective in the ministry.

Random Name

Pastor Kurian Mathew

Pastor Kurian Mathew (Sajan) was born in a Pentecostal family. His father was a pastor. God gave this lad to his parents after a long time of waiting and prayer. They dedicated him for the Ministry of the Lord. From his childhood he moved with a passion to serve God wherever God send him.
Later God gave assurance of his calling and brought him to the full time ministry. God used him to work in the different villages of northern Kerala as an evangelist, later as pastor of different churches in central Kerala. He, then, worked as a social worker among mentally retarded men and orphans, later as a missionary in Bihar to train many young men and women to do full time ministry, to organize many crusades and evangelism tours .He, now, with his wife Liji, daughter Anugraha and twin boys Asish and Arpith are involved in youth ministry and church planting in Mangalore, Karnataka, India.
Pastor Sajan is a young and dynamic leader with vision and passion. Uphold him and his family in your prayers. Pray with him “O God Bless Mangalore, Nothing more, Nothing Less and Nothing Else”.
Random Name

Pr. Manoj Subramani

Pr. Manoj Subramani was born in a traditional orthodox Hindu Brahmin family.
But in His time, God miraculously drew him out from his beliefs and in an early age used him mightly in Indian villages with powerful ministry.
Later on, he moved to the United States and presently is active in ministry in parallel with his job. He now pastor of the “Faith Assembly International” church in Philadelphia.
Random Name

Pr. A. M. Kurian

Random Name

Br. Reji Punnoos

Br. Reji was born in a traditional Christian family. Later on in life, he had a personal encounter with the Lord. He and his family obeyed the Lord’s commandment in the waters of baptism. He is active in ministry along with his business. He is passionate to reach the unreached villages of India.

Random Name

Sis. Jolly

Sis. Jolly was born in traditional Christian family. She completed her master degree and worked in Mumbai, Delhi, Dubai, Qatar and other places. She worked for oil companies, T.V, Banks etc for several years.
Later worked in Schools as a teacher for many years. When she had a personal encounter with the Lord she committed her life to Him and is now active in ministry. She spends most of her time studying the Bible and is actively involved in Women’s ministry.
Random Name

Sis. Sudha Kariappa

Sis. Sudha was born in a traditional Hindu Brahmin family and later on came to know the Lord and later on committed her life to His service. She is very passionate about Gospel work.
Random Name

Pr. Bejoy Ninan

He was born in a Christian family. Later when God confronted him about his call for ministry, left his every other involvement and committed his life for full time ministry. Later he joined for his theological studies and completed Bachelor of Divinity and he involved Ministry in Ministry in different capacities. He is a musician and a good singer.