We, the different members of the body of Christ have different gifts that can be used in edifying the church. Involving in charity, serving and freeing those living as slaves under the yoke of satan by spreading the gospel. The church conducts conventions every year under the banner “Bless Mangalore”. You are always welcome to the Nazareth family.

Church Planting

The Nazareth Ministry is actively involved in planting churches and in village ministries. We plant churches to reach new people & new cultures, thereby empowering new leaders, leaders of a newly budding generation. As we plant a church in a place, we plant seeds of social transformation. Our current church planting ministries are in Mangalore Karnataka, Hubali Karnataka, and in Nepal. Our strategy focuses on training new leaders, and lending both moral and financial support.

Youth and campus ministry

The "Nazareth Youth" ministry in Mangalore began in the year 2011 to tap into the often overlooked potential of the youth of Mangalore, Karnataka, India. God honored our humble beginning and today it has become a government licensed ministry in India. We did not want to get unfamiliar with the initial motives that drove us, and also didn't want to keep it just to ourselfs. Which is why we started Nazareth Youth to continue our campus and youth ministry to empower more young bloods with God's everlasting joy.

The present youth of India are extremely prone to addictions like drugs, alcohol and other immoral activities. This is where the youth ministries play their imperative role, to shine on them the true light so that they can keep themselves away from darkness. The Nazareth Youth conducts various creative programs to train the youth to make wise decisions and establish a solid foundation in life and positively impact their colleges and the society as a whole. Nazareth Youth constantly strive to replenish joy by keeping youngsters engaged, serving as disciples of Jesus Christ. We strive to see that every youth we deal with, be characterized by the godliness in their life, their devotion to the word of God, boldness toward evangelism, commitment to social involvement and by making every decision in prayer.

Tract distribution

Tracts are very important tools of ministry. A Gospel tract is a pamphlet or leaflet with a simple and short presentation of the Gospel. It is one of the most easiest and convenient ways to spread the Good News. Since it is printed, a tract can be taken home, re-read and studied at a persons convenience. Many people have received the Lord simply by reading tracts. We are working on different tracts for different occasions. We encourage our youngsters to distribute tracts in their colleges and to everyone they come across.

Hudson Taylor, George Whitefield and innumerable others have discovered salvation this way! A Gospel tract needs no translator as it is made in the simplest words. It can be used by an educated and an uneducated individual as it does not require great orator skills to covey the message. It can be distibuted by anyone of any age, deaf or mute, crippled, etc.


Nazareth Watch Tower, an intercessory wing of our church, focuses on the deliverance of city and places around. It conducts fasting prayers, prayer walk, prayer tours, small conventions in different parts of Kerala and Karnataka. Nazareth Watch Tower conducts Deliverance meeting every Saturday evening.